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I don’t usually write posts like this…

But today what I have to say is so important; I HAD to make this known:

See, if your ultrasound system is more than 8 years old (and you act quickly) I can legally & ethically save you thousands of dollars in taxes this year—all because of a rare new policy. (But this won’t be in effect much longer—so please read this now while you still can).

Here’s What’s Happening:

Normally, there are only two options for upgrading a practice’s equipment:

  1. Pay in cash and drain away a huge chunk of your disposable income, or
  2. Finance it and pay a ton more in interest in the long run.

But right now—there’s an amazing THIRD option that makes those first two look downright repulsive.

In fact, I just spoke to Alpinion USA… they were VERY nervous to let me offer this.

See, it’s a HUGE financial risk to them…but a rare GAIN for private practices like you.

And frankly, I’ve never seen this happen in my 10+ years of ultrasound sales. It won’t be here for long… So please listen closely.

Here’s How This “Third Option” Works:

If you invest in a brand new Alpinion E-Cube i7 Ultrasound System as soon as possible…

THEY will pay for the whole thing…and you’ll enter into a rather unique and exceptional financing agreement.

See, there’s NO INTEREST—

—you’ll NEVER pay a CENT more than the total cost of the ultrasound system—

—as long as it’s paid off within 60 months (or 5 years).

You’ll set an automated monthly payment and forget about it.

Then, the total bottom-line sum of your payments will be the same as if you had paid in cash, up front…

BUT—there’ll be ONE huge difference paying cash won’t get you:

You’ll Save DOUBLE On Your Taxes.

See—according to U.S. Tax Code 179—you’ll be able to deduct BOTH the financed purchase of your new ultrasound system from 2017…

…AND deduct every future monthly payment you make in 2018 and beyond.

That’s DOUBLE the money you’ll write off: up to $16,000 tax dollars you’ll save for this $20,000 ultrasound investment…

…and it’s ALL because you’ve made a savvy decision for your practice. :)

Sound intriguing?

It should—because this is how top practices grow.

If you ask them, they rarely spend cash right-out.

They keep their disposable income—and find rare tax advantages (like this one) and lucrative loopholes that allow them to expand.

That way, they can hire more doctors and build beautiful second, third, and fourth locations in the long-run.

So… by now you may be thinking…

That Sounds Amazing… But Is The Ultrasound System Any Good?

And the truth is…

The E-Cube i7 is one of the best in its class.

It has the superior image quality of a cart-based system, but in an innovative, lightweight portable system. That’s because the E-Cube i7 starts with a cart-based system’s architecture, then the rest is custom-built around it for maximum portability, flexibility, and freedom—while retaining crisp lifelong image quality.

The E-Cube i7’s sophisticated image processing software, called the Optimal Imaging Suite, silently reduces artifacts while maintaining true tissue appearance. It does all this using proprietary algorithms no other brand has. What results is remarkable border definition and contrast resolution without needing human input—so you can focus on your patients and make rapid, confident clinical decisions… without sacrificing clarity.

A user experience so intuitive and friendly, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. The days of “learning” a new system are over. It’ll be amazingly familiar from the first time you use it…with a smooth, straightforward workflow you’ll love. Your focus should be on your diagnosis, procedures, and patients—not the system's interface.

Want to avoid wrist pain? E-Cube i7 is designed using peer-reviewed research to cut carpal tunnel and muscle tension in half.

Lightning-fast boot-up (less than 45 seconds), long battery life, Library quiet fan, durable aluminum shell, and one-wipe-to-clean control panel.

This system rivals brand names such as Next GE Logiq E, Philips CX 50, etc…

…but the investment is MUCH more affordable—especially for point of care applications.

And Here’s What Else:

By now, you’ve spent a few minutes reading this post… we’ve reviewed how this policy saves you thousands in taxes with no interest… and I’ve explained all the details of the E-Cube i7…

…so if you’re still reading, I congratulate you. I can tell you’re remarkably committed to advancing your practice—and you’re the type of doctor I want to help MOST benefit from this rare opportunity.

So click below and enter your information on the form that pops up—because this one-time policy will be gone SOON.

Now—at the time that I’m writing this, I still have spots open for a complimentary demo…

But I might have to start a waiting list soon because of the influx of inquiries. And this policy won’t be around long enough for me to get to everyone.

So PLEASE don’t let this get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Reserve your spot right now while this post is still in front of you. Just click below—you won’t even leave this page.

A form will pop up where you can enter your basic contact information. Then I’ll be in touch shortly to shed a big, bright light on any remaining questions you have.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.


Rudy Garay

RGS Healthcare

P.S. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone… but even if you’re just a little intrigued by this, talk to me while you still can.

Like I said—this is a huge financial risk for Alpinion entirely at YOUR benefit—and it could be gone at any moment.

I’ll keep fighting to keep this new policy open for as long as possible—to help out as many doctors as I can.

But with the number of docs who are already jumping at this opportunity, Alpinion might come to their senses, decide it’s enough, and end it at any moment.

So if you try to come back and reserve your spot tomorrow… or even in a couple hours…it could be gone forever.

Your best bet is to claim your spot right now while this post is still in front of you—before it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life.